DATEAGLE STUDIO is a London based contemporary art consultancy focused on providing comprehensive graphic design, social media content, and press management. Our sector expertise is a major asset. Having worked together with journalists for our online platform DATEAGLE ART in the past four years, we have built valued relationships with a diversity of art writers, content creators, and industry influencers. We work with leading clients with which we recognize compatibility, from artist-led initiatives to public institutions, promoting multidisciplinary arts projects through various platforms. Our dedicated branding capabilities, social media campaigns, and media relation strategies prioritize a constant dialogue with our clients, as we regularly exchange feedback reports in order to achieve a collaborative working practice. Implementing creative pitching techniques, visual content and marketing methods, our multifaceted team generates compelling results in light of each of our client’s goals. Through our specialist knowledge, extensive network, and ingenious solutions we are proud to deliver front line access to creativity.




Brand Audit
Brand Direction
Visual Identity
Graphic Design
Collateral Delivery



Devising a Strategy
Developing Press Materials
Media Liaising
Influencer Outreach
Press Placement
Media Monitoring



Competitor Analysis
Trend Forecasting
Content Generation
Social Media Management
Audience Engagement
Analytics and Reporting


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