Distinctive identity design for Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre.

On the occasion of their PARC residency, Sculpture Production Award and an array of events in its lead-up, Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre commissioned us to design the visual assets for these. Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre is an organisation consolidating sculpture with development opportunities through offering education and expertise. Our team designed a new brand identity for their residency, award and related events in Birmingham, Nottingham and Manchester. The comprehensive approach encompassed a new logo, typeface and posters.

Completely reimagining their graphic identity, we utilised simple but powerful systems to generate bold aesthetics. Integral to the design was the representation of the award’s authenticity, reflecting our client’s support of emerging sculptural voices. Through thoughtful and imaginative conception, we kept our graphic vision in line with the depth of the proposal; once the basic elements of typeface, colour and layout were in place we were able to design a series of posters where each occupied its own individuality, yet the overall aesthetic remained collective. Prioritising the key elements of information on each poster, we chose bright colours that were punchy and eye-catching, while the fusion of horizontal and vertical text reflected sculptural geometry and form. The Sculpture Production Award poster design featured floating spheres, assimilating the three-dimensional manner of the concept. Moreover, our posters for the events ‘How to Work With a Fabricator’, ‘Lunch and Conversation’ and ‘No Particular Place To Go?’ all incorporated bold contrasting colours, stand-out text and careful selection of imagery. Our devised poster for the PARC residency reflected the south of Spain terrain where it took place. Using neon green and blue emulated land and water through a heightened contemporary lens, while mixing visuals from the landscape’s textures with the artists’ work enhanced the materiality of their sculptures.

Having established a strong visual language for our client, they have since been able to continue the branding and design for future posters related to the Sculpture Production Award. We provided them with a template and a confident aesthetic, and Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre now shares multiple posters to their social media regarding their current events, exhibitions and awards. In accordance with our insight, Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre now utilises a uniformed approach throughout their Instagram account consisting of a bold background, creating a shadow against the poster framed in a square format, enabling them to create a visual coalescence between our creation and their ongoing work; whilst our suggestion to rename their various social media accounts created an alignment that consolidated these channels.



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