DATEAGLE ART is a London-based platform for contemporary art focused on emerging and underrepresented artists, founded in 2017 by curatorial duo Martin Mayorga and Vanessa Murrell. As a result of the duo’s one-to-one connections with the artists featured, they have developed a dynamic and diverse creative community. By producing online journal content, studio visits, interviews, and offline exhibitions, events and commissions, the platform facilitates a discursive exchange moulded by the perspectives of artists.


The content is ad-free and gender-neutral, while seeking accessibility, diversity, and transparency. The platform rejects fixed categories, promoting a broad range of artists working in various mediums, from painting to photography to performance to sculpture, everything in-between as well as what cannot be easily classified. Within its safe, shared space, DATEAGLE ART fosters a critical dialogue of innovative ideas. Through the platform, artists, curators, and writers can share their perspectives in a collaborative way, many of whom have not previously had the chance to do so.


A narrative of slowing-down is embraced by the sole use of analogue photography, challenging the increasingly instantaneous nature of digital media. These 35mm images are an indication of weekly studio visits performed locally with artists in contrast with the polished, globalised, and over-curated approach typical of mainstream media.

DATEAGLE STUDIO is a London-based contemporary art consultancy that provides graphic design, social media strategy, and written content. Read more about our studio services here.



We are always looking for talented people who want to work with us. We offer Editorial/Communications and Design part-time remote internships which last for three months. If you want to apply, please send your CV and cover letter (.pdf format) to



We encourage internship applications from ethnically diverse backgrounds, disabilities, and/or from a range of socio-economic groups, as well as those whose experiences go beyond these identities. *Our language and processes are evolving and we encourage feedback.

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London, United Kingdom

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