Building Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre social media scope.

Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre turned to us to conceptualise their social media identity with the main focus of both sharing archive material of the organisations past activities as well as promoting their 2019 Sculpture Production Award, a prize that provided six sculptors with skills mentoring and a £1,000 production grant towards the realisation of a new work. Since 2013, our client has been a leading facilitator for the production of sculpture along with critical, cultural and educational programming. 

By constructing Pangaeas’ Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts from square one, we were able to shape their extensive content, dividing it into different categories throughout a six month period. Creating a dynamic and compelling feed, this campaign also introduced an IGTV channel and developed live stories on Instagram, in which our team travelled with the organisation across the UK to record these first hand, enabling audiences to interact with the Sculpture Production Award events as they took place. As our client sought to gain more online traction, we launched and designed the campaign to catalyse the initiative among a community of contemporary sculptors. As contemporary art specialists, our exceptional team worked with the organisation to spotlight the partners of the award, the participating artists and the judges by introducing informative Instagram posts, narrative Facebook stories and summarized Twitter messaging, prioritizing an adapted use of language between platforms while assuring all the visual materials were properly tagged throughout the partner organisations, and the voice corresponded with PSC’s overall mission. 

We realized that to expand online awareness of this initiative and offline engagement with its public programme, we had to establish close relationships with the organization’s team and direct contact with the participating artists. Activated through multiple platforms, we optimized Pangaea’s social media handle to be consistent throughout channels as well as maximized the award’s outreach by showcasing it in the Artopps page. In the ultimate push to increase the audience engagement of PSC’ Spanish residency ‘PARC’, we took the extra step to post our content with a Spanish version as well as an English one. With over 1,200 new followers, the campaign saw a total of 637 IGTV views, 7,437 likes, and 147 comments on the combined 103 Instagram posts. 


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