Social media makeover at Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer.

Set among thirteen acres of beautiful private gardens in the Buckinghamshire village of Fulmer, we teamed up with Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer over the course of four months in order to conceptualise and create a social media account fully dedicated to the project. After working closely with our client’s partner project William Benington Gallery, our strong relationship led us to collaborate with them this time, championing the launch of Fulmer’s 2018’s summer exhibition of contemporary sculpture. While the organisation has strived at making its presence known offline, we quickly noticed the disparate contexts of the two projects, which led us to make a change in the direction of their social media accounts. By separating the projects into two independent accounts, we were able to highlight Fulmer’s distinctive identity.

In order to optimize Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer’s social media presence, we established a targeted audience engagement that connected with the demographic of the expansive outdoor venue, highlighted by an integrated location feature. By managing the account’s online visual performance from scratch, we built a creative identity that boosted the organisation’s awareness prior and during its summer season. Through informative captions, every post was conceptualised with a captivating title, descriptive notes on the works, and a selection of fitting hashtags, adopting an educational language. The feed’s aesthetic was built with the user in mind, this being curated with a playful construction that posted details, highlighting the materiality embedded in the works. These close ups were further juxtaposed with images of installation shots, a creative arrangement which contrasted with the static elements of the 3-dimensional works. As a whole, the feed broke up the content into a rhythmic construction which was curated to unravel a journey through the exhibition’s narrative. The social media presence was also amplified across Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer’s Facebook channel and, by creating a familiar tone throughout both platforms, we expressed the business inclination to public engagement. This approachability was further accentuated by adopting “The Home of Contemporary Sculpture” as a welcoming tagline for online visitors.

Over the course of 4 months, over 1,000 art and nature lovers followed the account, and more than 3,100 users liked and commented on the collective 22 Instagram posts. Our team’s manoeuvre to achieve social media influence encouraged the company to establish itself in this rapidly growing online landscape. By creating a new platform committed to promoting our client’s business, we maximized their programme’s awareness, attracting audiences that aligned with the organization’s sculptural activities. Our hashtag campaign, relevant selection of pictures and informed posts garnered positive publicity for the outdoor gallery space. In expanding their online presence, Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer registered an increase in their audience, engagement rates, and follower growth.


William Benington Gallery

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