Dance the night away with this intimate and suggestive playlist.

London-based artist Sara Berman creates glances of eroticism in her muted paintings made with partially dressed figures, objects, and motifs set in interior environments. Much like her paintings, when listening to Sara Berman’s Mix!, you also enter into an intimate and suggestive space, as Waldeck mentions “We can dance the night away” or James Brown and Dee Felice Trio remark “You’re my spark of nature’s fire” in their cover of the classic “Sunny. Pattern and colour placement are a fundamental aspect in Berman’s practice, and in this Mix!, “shades of colour” come into sight, as Beth Orton notes in her Central Reservation.


After feeling moody for a few days, try naked yoga on the carpet of your house and play this mix on. You can thank us (and Sara) later.

Words by Martin Mayorga


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