The most optimistic playlist yet.

Thoughtful, dreamlike, and yet intense: there is a sense of endless possibilities in the opening of this playlist, with Miles Davis’s “So What”, from his iconic “Kind of Blue” album. This tune encourages a participatory experience, inviting the listeners to perceive patterns from his minutes of improvisation. In a similar way, Italian artist Anna Laurini encourages her viewers to perceive narratives from her works, by directly placing them in an everyday environment including the streets of Milan, London, New York, Paris, and Hong Kong. The playlist moves on with Freescha’s “Moving” melodyWe are introduced to lyrics with Pet Shop Boy’s “West End Girls”, whom reveal “Faces on posters too many choices”. In fact, Anna’s instantly recognisable recurring geometric portraits are also presented in a range of possibilities, from posters, to ripped book pages, wooden planks, or even in the form of garage doors. This obsessive, sharp gaze is accessible to the judgement, value or meaning of all viewers, from a simple note to a wearable garment. The artist’s works “hold within a message of beauty, and come from an inner place” from her views. The list concludes with The War On Drugs “Strangest Thing” whom coincidentally admit identifying every face, “I recognise every face, the beauty and the pain”.


Italian artist Anna Laurini presents us with the ultimate ambient playlist for our 2nd edition of dateagleart’s Mix! series. From jazz to hypnotic melodies or traditional opera, Anna has crafted a mixtape made to stimulate us.

Words by Martin Mayorga


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