The soundtrack for cutting shapes.

From the first track your shoulder will be poppin’, your feet tappin’ and your body ready for a rhythmic rinsing. With a self described ‘collision of melodic hybridity’, Rayvenn D’Clark has given us a melting pot of smooth, indulgent melodies. Much like this MIX, her work chronicles the exalted re-evaluation of the black biology – an arbitration between three-dimensional processes and handmade developments. With blaring baselines paired with softer harmonies like fine wine and cheese, you’re in for a classy listen. While Oshun is “stuck here with feelings from the past, feelings for my last”, Billie Ellish questions the topic of irresponsible recreational drug use with a dirty bass synth and Solange serves us commentary on racial micro-aggression masquerading as a compliment…Don’t touch her hair! Buckle up for some bangin lessons and boogie undertones as Rayvenn pivots from track to track. Working in an abstract realm of traditional aesthetics, resulting in a self-referential questioning allowing her viewer to break free into a hybrid realism. Her MIX does the same, granting us a free pass into self-sustaining, authentic good times. In ‘Holy Terrain’ we search for a lover we all deserve before transporting back to 1996 and Des’ree’s ‘I’m Kissing You’, written for Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet. Brownstone closes the MIX with the absolute tune ‘Grapevyne’. A sexy, soulful symphony of sheer goodness. Lord have mercy!


Play this MIX wherever you go, just like Rayvenn. Let it permeate your senses with the necessary energy to explore the ether.

Words by Martin Mayorga


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