Get ready to go to the land of naked confession.

Paris-based artist Marcella Barceló’s highly saturated works suggest a world of uncensored adolescence, in which naked figures praise the nature surrounding them while exploring multi-sensory erotic experiences. Liberating, mystical and revealing; much as her eerie playlist, which lies in the intersection between Woodstock and the belle époque. This psychedelic mix lies at it’s core with 13th Floor Elevators trademark “You’re Gonna Miss Me”, evoking surreal lyrics and mind-altering sounds; very much paralleling to Marcella’s unrestricted pleasure-dominated civilisation. Sarah Vaugan’s “Bewitched” calls out to childhood wildness, reflecting on Marcella’s characters that dominate their sexual desire yet still reveal an adolescent innocence.



Where “dreams unwind” and you get “taken by the sky”; this mix will transport you to your inner fairy-princess.

Words by Martin Mayorga


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