From suspense to sensuality.

Is it pop? Not really. Is it R&B? Certainly not. What is it? We asked artist and ‘Verbalising Art Hoe’ Kerry O’Connor, to put together a mix that captures her poetic practice, often involving storytelling through mystic lands, bodily conversations, spoken word, language games, and sound art. She sent us through us a dreamy playlist, in the verge between the ‘scary’ and the ‘beautiful’, that will lead its listeners on a cosmic, emotive journey. The songs catch you with haunting voices, bizarre dialogues and vivid atmospherics. Or as Kerry points it out, it is “a translucent reality combusting from vibrations beckons one to relish in the chants of an awakened other. A melodic carries thee into another realm. Ah.” Embracing repetition and alternating the chaotic and meticulous, expect lullaby’s for the Earth, heavy use of digital reverb, earth music for plants and the people that love them, one-sided conversations, looped “ha ha ha ha’s”, and a mix of politics, Zen-like aphorism, and sentimentalism.



Check out Kerry’s playlist in the player below, which sounds just right for a world gone totally wrong.

Words by Martin Mayorga


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