The experimental nature of this playlist sounds nothing like anything you’ve ever heard of.

Shot by iconic British photographer Martin Parr, Evangeline Ling not only models occasionally, but is also building up a music career while accomplishing a Fine Art degree course at Goldsmiths University. Sketching animals in the wild or drawing ‘fuck the system’ sketchbooks, amongst Evangeline’s latest ideas lays “getting rid of all of her crappy ideas”. Brian Eno’s ‘Driving Me Backwards’ examines themes of teenaged rebellion – much identified with Evangeline’s practise. Intriguing and utterly confounding, this playlist encompasses a mixed compilation of pure emotion.


Be expected to experience a jumble of whispers, rackety percussion, chants, bizarre rituals, moans, shouts, giggles, drones, found sounds, along with ethno-freak-outs with these curiously fascinating compilation of tracks.

Words by Martin Mayorga


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