This MIX will transport you back to the 90’s dance era.

The sweaty muscle tees, neon lights and bodies moving in unison to the electronic bangers blasting from the DJ. From classics to guilty pleasures, Corbin Shaw takes us on a journey through that old school rave culture. Orbital takes us to “Belfast”  to pay homage to the blossoming dance community, whilst Special D reminds us that “ the end of every week, each one of us becomes a freak”. If this MIX was an image it may contrast to Corbin’s own work aesthetically, yet something about these tracks floats right alongside the ideas Corbin explores. From works called, “We Should Talk About Our Feelings” to “Swallow Your Pride”, Corbin delves into the performance of masculinity in heteronormative spaces dominated by men. Growing up on the football field and in the boxing gym where these songs could have well been the backing track; he looks at the enforcement of gender roles by the father figure. Corbin’s recognisable British motifs are presented as flags, scarves and other memorabilia pieces that are easily accessed at the same sporting events you’d see their original look a-likes. The same places in fact that hold a certain degree of escapism. This MIX is a sweet, nostalgic escape into a world we’ve all occupied before. The last track “Pretty Green Eyes”; reminds us why we can keep coming back, as the lyric “never have to be alone” rings true and highlights Corbin’s message of awareness for men’s mental health. Just like the art collective he belongs to, Boys Don’t Cry, his works shine a light on the importance of discussion and recognition.



This 90s revival is not for the faint hearted or a chilled night in. It will have you on your feet and reminiscing 2 bars in. So strap in for a sentimental escape and let the rhythmic beats take over.

Words by Martin Mayorga


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