Words written in a massive canvas exonerate all bodily sensations.

Artist Clement Mancini’s energy charged black and white canvas opens up a portal to to an atmospheric environment. There is no doubt that we can get a pass inside that same illusion, just by picturing birds singing and playing in the “Holy Tempel of Flow” music video. A hypnotic rhythm of the forest mixed along with an upbeat opaqueness, which we can also sense with the smooth-house “Nlogax” beat by Boards of Canada. These instrumental layered songs seem to hint towards the movements of the brush strokes on Mancini’s abstract works. Just like the spirited piano in “Ten-Day Interval” echoes the artists delicate gestures and pure forms. An ideal musical arrangement that balances colours along with textures and guides us through an entire day at the studio. The vibrations flow as we go deeper into this MIX and similarly to a mantra, we can repeat it all day long. A spiritual souvenir attached to those unknown forms which were certainly born by listening to the cadence of “Roll in my sweet baby’s arms” chorus by Sweet Smoke. A playlist not to be forgotten and impossible not to experience considering such a sizeable reminder…


Maybe there is no such thing as celestial creative revelations but I’m pretty sure that you can build it up by listening to some of these.

Words by Martin Mayorga


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