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Living in a unitary world, we are blessed with our unisex beings and androgynous beauty. Every one of us was born with the same sexual equipment. We acknowledge each other’s singularity by referring to each other in the third person singular as “one”. One shall learn to satisfy oneself sexually; one shall reproduce individually; one shall focus on individual growth and true platonic friendships. In this book, we help you look deep into yourself and show you the joy and accomplishment that you can achieve with your own body.

The human reproductive system consists of the paired ovaries and oviducts, the pair of testes, the uterus, the vagina, and the sex accessory glands, as well as the external genitalia. All of these structures have evolved for the primary functions of ovulation, spermiation, fertilization of an ovum by a sperm, support of the developing embryo and fetus, the birth and care of a newborn. Most importantly, pleasure.



The Penigina



The external genitalia in the human reproductive system is commonly known as the penigina (Figure 2.1 ). The penigina concludes two main complementary parts: the penis as the sperm pump, and the vaginal opening as the gate to the sperm receptor. Other visually detectable human reproductive parts are the labia majora, which holds and protects the testicles, and the labia minora, which protects the vaginal opening from mechanical irritation, dryness and infections.



The Internal Sex Organs



The human internal reproductive organs are the vagina (birth canal), testis, fallopian tubes, ovaries, epididymis, sperm duct, uterus, and accessory glands. (Figure 2.2)







The pituitary gland drives our reproductive organs. The pituitary gland synthesizes and secretes hormones that travel in the bloodstream. Connected to the pituitary gland by the pituitary stalk, the hypothalamus controls the release of hormones from the pituitary gland (Figure 4.1).



As you experience arousal and selfdesire, the hypothalamus stimulates your penigina and fuels the sex messengers (hormones) in you: releasing estrogen in your ovaries and testosterone in your testicles. A healthy fertile unimpregnated adult should have the same level of estrogen and testosterone. The abnormal estrogen-testosterone ratio could cause not only infertility but also many serious physical and emotional problems. Many scientists believe that adulthood intimacy issues¹ could be caused by unequal of estrogen-testosterone development during puberty. During pregnancy and lactation, your estrogen will increase dramatically. By the fourth month of your pregnancy, your estrogen will outnumber your testosterone by 25%; this will continue until three months after childbirth. Lack of estrogen during pregnancy could cause miscarriages, sometimes, serious health effects in the baby, most commonly malnutrition and bipolar disorder.



1 Adulthood intimacy issues occur when one feels sexual attraction towards another individual. Also known as Romanticism. Research has shown that one in ten adults in the U.S. has adulthood intimacy issues.




We were often taught that in order to produce a baby, one’s body has to be in a state perfect anima-animus balance. Many of us had trouble understanding the concept of anima-animus balance when we were younger. The concept of anima-animus balance was discovered thousands of years ago by the early solarists². Anima-animus explains the complementary and interconnected energies in our complicated mind and body. Anima is the passive energy within the active energy; animus is the active energy within the passive energy; to have both and balance both, we are able to reach anima-animus: the temporary peace of the seemingly opposite but interconnected energy forces within us. In sex and baby production, We commonly see the anima-animus as the perfect corporation and integration between the penis energy and the vagina energy. In other words, anima-animus can be seen as the sexual harmony within one’s penigina in the process of sexual intercourse and baby production. Balanced anima-animus is the gateway to penigina orgasm and an essential factor for a successful pregnancy.



To reach anima-animus, one is obligated to watch out for one’s penis energy exceeding vagina energy, vice-versa. Many solarists believe and proven by Dr Hatui Trusel in 1753 that one’s style of living such as thoughts, speech, mannerisms and activities have a significant effect on the penis and vagina energy level, hence the anima-animus achievement. For instance, according to Dr Hatui Trusel, aggression is a cause as well as the product of the penis energy. Engaging in harmful aggressive activities, such as viciously attacking people, may cause a drastic increase in the penis energy; the increased penis energy will soon acquire more aggressive activities, which may lead to a toxic penigina energy imbalance. In the case, to avoid the imbalance, one shall release the aggression in healthy activities, boxing for instance, or participate in activities that contribute to the vagina energy such as landscape painting and crying.     



Overall, it takes consistent practise to achieve the perfect anima-animus balance. This practice could be difficult but hugely rewarding, see Chapter 5: The Healthy Lifestyle for more information about energy balancing in daily life.



2 Solarists are people who believe in Solarism. Solarism has been shaping the structure of society for the past 2,000 years. The word “Solarism” comes from the Latin word “Solaris”, meaning “pertaining to the sun”. Solarism worships the Sun: Sun is God, Sun is in everyone. The Sun symbolizes oneness, the unity of different powers and energies perfectly balanced and bonded together as one. Solarism insists the independent power of each individual; the power of each is a united force of all contradicting energies and qualities of the being. Solarism encourages us to practice acknowledging and containing all human attributes. Solarism enforces the idea of individualism and the independence of sexuality. These thinkings are more or less similar in despite differences in cultures and religions around the globe.







It’s useful to know our biological makeup, but it’s more important to know how to use them to practise selflove and achieve pleasure and babies.



The key to conceiving a baby is to reach penigina orgasm¹. The Ratui Gaggal Research has shown 95% of successful impregnation was the outcome of having a penigina orgasm. Only during a penigina orgasm, the cervix is able to open up and suck in the simultaneously ejaculated sperm at the anterior fornix through intense vaginal contractions.



1 penigina orgasm: synchronous climax from both the penis and the vagina

The Four Phases of Sex



Excitement Phase



With a healthy libido, you may often experience spontaneous sexual arousal. Personal achievement and self-confidence are the main sources of self sexual excitement. Mirrors are very useful, especially when you are in love with your physical appearance. You may start by gazing at yourself in the mirror, gently stroking your neck, thighs, breasts and buttcrack. Touching your butthole could be great stimuli, but often unsanitary. If you are gifted with the talent of sucking your own nipples, please to do so. After thorough foreplay, when you feel the slippery lubrication trapped in the vaginal cavity, you shall begin stroking your penis. Then your prostatic urethra outstretches while your cervix elevates. As your labia majora harden and retract from the midline, it will clinch your swollen testes apart to reveal your vaginal opening. At the same time, what you can’t see is that the inner two-thirds of your vaginal barrel begins to increase in length and width; it is ready for penetration (Figure 5.1).



Plateau Phase



At this phase, your prostatic urethra softens and enables spongy urethra to bend back (Figure 5.2). Your penis starts its curverection process by enlarging to three times its normal size, at the same time, the volume of your testes increases by about 50%. Your vaginal cavity is reduced to make room for the enlargement of your prostate gland. Your penis will curve into a semicircular shape and naturally infiltrate between your two labia majora pockets, finally reach into your vaginal opening. With or without the help of your hands, your penis will fully extend into its maximum length and curverection inside of your vaginal. For beginners, you may create more penetrational motions by humping a pillow or a solid wall. After much practise, you can achieve the skill of solo motive penigina movement2 (watch out for preorgasmic emission, see Chapter 7). The goal is to penetrate your prostate (the “G” spot) with the perfect speed and pressure to create the full circle (Figure 5.3).



2 Solo motive penigina movement is the masturbational sex without the help of hands.


3 Full circle: the penis extends from the prostate into the vagina, elongates in a circular shape, and finally penetrates the prostate from behind. The current situation of the penigina is called “full circle.”

Orgasm Phase



Entering the orgasm phase, you may feel a loss of voluntary control of your muscles. The penigina orgasm is the simultaneous ejaculation along with strong muscular contraction. It commonly occurs 10–20 min after the penigina engagement. If you are lucky and skilful enough to reach the penigina orgasm, it most likely begins with strong muscular contractions occur in the outer one-third of your vaginal wall. After 2–4 s, both your vaginal walls and your penis muscle would produce rhythmic contractions at intervals of 0.8 s. At the same time, a forceful stream of semen spurting into your anterior fornix. The continuous vaginal, as well as cervix contraction, will absorb the semen into the uterus (Figure 5.) . Hopely a healthy fertilized egg is produced through this intense motion of selflove. If you do not wish to be pregnant, see Chapter 10, get acquainted with contraception products such as birth control underwear.



Resolution Phase



In less than 20 s after orgasm, vaginal contractions cease, and the penis loses its grip. Your penis will rapidly lose 50% of its size and fall out of your vagina. You will have an intense desire to sleep as the arousal mechanisms return to a resting state.


Words by Li Hei Di


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