I hope it is visceral
I hope it is sexy
I hope it has a power

It is floating touch held

Delicate bodily traces eye make up colours smear push soak float leaving fingered edges and wet thin absent middles like pelts marks made by frantic also languid animals we are more animal it is floating touch held.


Wet frenzied pushing sweeping dripping spraying touching graceful floating flicking shifting sensing tilting arching grabbing dropping toying teasing testing tweeking leaning ending leaving hanging looking feeling breathing.


Reaching touching leaning swaying circling stretching flicking dousing spreading smearing throwing arcing gliding splattering toppling keening probing soaking staining looking tensing tilting squinting squirting smashing squeezing stamping stomping sealing licking lashing luring learning living looking losing being plotting pinning pining pushing pulling preening pointing painting.

Got in

Without me noticing you got in tender longing laughing honest fragile looking feeling searching caring lingering eyes hands rings skin sweet felt blushing kissing pushing touching sensing urging walking holding flirting falling melting loving losing aching open raw fading longing feeling harsh hurting dreaming lust crying pulling ripping aching bruising tearing talking failing tender waiting wanting wishing waiting…………………..losing numb jelly legs floating open fragile feeling cut caring desire tingling safe staying scarring fresh tender wishing body knowing flesh delicate sensing needing going held loving thinking touching listing breaking letting lost dealing.

Sex spills

Sex spills reclaiming body fragile safe pixel painted release spaces touch holding

Posing posting paint pixel precariously performing power private portal peeling.




Erotics spilling safe painting dancing fragile wet queer healing broken portals vulnerability feels private proving paring photos pairing pouring poring pawing.

Of course you are 7 hk

A broken dream tapped so deep into dark violet violent visceral vulnerable rocky unstable places deep hurt cracked open waking wounded crying clearly seeing feeling I am no longer running looking reliving painting without knowing colours from childhood curtains pouring in the house with glassy big sixties windows whiteness before the dark trapped fear blues deep rich mesmerising emeralds and indigo lush violet swirling unsettled flicked felt pushing away feeling lost broken you are my safe space spilling not mine running and I am cracked open healing you made me brave look in these dark tenderly terror corners trapped scared fragile but warrior fighting because I was stronger than all of you and only now can I be light soft fragile feeling because of you hk.

Pissy tendrils

Pissy floating tendrils grow silty metal edges spreading feelers inking glossing rich deep unctuous slipping hands tracing touching lifting bending bleeding seeping wetting going.


Brave fierceness also shattering bone tender curled thin white bed with dog arched bundle wondering queerness thoughts pinball bouncing looping slender feeling this soft belly pierced open bone cut other cuckoo unrelated margins edges hot sweats restless like Hannah said willowy times also healing strong glow hope un-knowing not pretty tears.


Slit sliced gutted seamy entrails translucent membrane sinews torn stomach kicked.


Foetal curled with dog in mirrored belly sleepless.


Dragging belly moon pull what I had to keep down is rising undulating waves like caesarean flesh pull torn adhd brain cuts out a violent cold white words trembling unsafe by doorway trapped behind door hiding her bloody face red blue his cruelty her insidious incessant insistence cold uncared black sheep come back sit around the table head in hands no space for me you pushed my friend against the wall she was 14 nobody talked to me escaping cuckoo unrelated fragile shaking running margins come back sit around the table head in hands ……. Healing looking glimpsing looping woods dog Harry held steady eyes doesn’t hurt me I am this trembling girl woman the damage yoga mat tears roll swell lurch wave driving pushing through loudest music I feel it all new feeling male care fragile beginnings new patterns it took everything I see it clearly now I peek for blinking adhd cutting out moments slit slivers witness at the darkness where did you go? Your eyes went to a thousand places then spring heat cleansing burning out the darkest places.

Spitty globs

Silty feathering flows wisping dirty skin powders like dropped kohl smears dusts meniscus pearls glossing fluoro flecks pocked this oozing thin wet spasm touch trailed spitty globs. I don’t know how to feel this.



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