Where horrific voices find their face.



During the pandemic lockdown, Lithuanian-British artist Vilte Fuller took advantage of a newly relaxed pace of life by moving from the hustle and bustle of Clapham Town to the leafy suburbs of Beckenham in South London, seeking greener pastures and a larger space to work and live with her partner Tom. Vilte is most known for producing nightmarish dreamscapes —often constructed from photographs and memes found online—that are manipulated on Photoshop before being intricately applied to unconventional materials such as Airtex, hessian and latex. Perhaps reflecting disturbing TV dramas from the Post-Soviet Bloc or the horrifying chronicles of Japanese manga artist Junji Ito that influence her paintings, Vilte finds it inspirational whilst working to listen to true crime YouTubers including Eleanor Neale, Kendall Rae and Brooke Makenna. These retellings are mainly about violent crimes committed by male offenders targeting women. Vilte’s new studio has given her the room to work on multiple projects simultaneously: from her bespoke upcycled clothing brand Gherkin Worms; to 3-D character renderings for textile designs as well as an upcoming exhibition in Paris. The artist is also working on a graphic novel that follows the residents of a fictional town ruled by television and mysterious creatures living in supermarket produce. Recently, while not working, the Star Wars- inspired show ‘The Mandalorian’ has been stealing her attention. Did you know the CGI Baby Yoda was actually operated by a $5 million puppet? Keeping her company is a skeleton dog named Scully, salvaged from the ASDA on Old Kent Road, patiently waiting to be painted and join one of her mysterious semi-fictitious worlds.

All photography by Laurie Barron © DATEAGLE ART 2021

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