Practical and playful process.



Being surrounded by lively cafes, stimulating galleries and lush nature, artist Tiffanie Delune feels lucky to work from her studio in Hoxton, as it offers a refreshing environment for creation. Despite the cloudy day, her space is usually filled with plenty of natural light, providing an energising force to aid her making. Clearing her head is an important part of her routine; starting the morning with a coffee, a yoga session and a walk back and forth to the nursery shapes her day before digging deeply into her painting practice. To kick off with a productive workday, she makes sure to avoid social media overload, at least throughout the early hours. However, she doesn’t set boundaries to music, as her making is accompanied by a range of artists: Fela Kuti, Sade or Lykke Li to mention a few of her favourites! Delune’s openness manifests throughout her exchange of ideas with the artists she shares her studio with, whose contrasting viewpoints often spark new ideas. Her process is not bound by easels, as she finds them too restrictive. Instead, when going big she prefers to work directly on the wall or on the floor and she only works from the desk when centralizing her attention on her smaller scaled drawings. Prioritising making and moving, her setup is functional; and includes paint bottles, brushes and the occasional box of tea. Embracing transformation, Tiffanie reorganises her space with the changing seasons, conjuring new energies to fuel her work.

All photography by Martin Mayorga © DATEAGLE ART 2020

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