Work comes to life in a domestic setting.


Scottish artist Sophie Vallance Cantor and Colombian artist Douglas Cantor’s conjoint studio is located in their house at Brüsseler Kiez in Berlin, also known as the “Brussels neighbourhood”. It’s here that they produce their brutally honest works, often serving as a journal or reminder of a certain moment, epiphany or answer. In this context, the artists affirm they enjoy living with their works, given there isn’t much of a separation between the two. Douglas remarks it’s just part of life, cooking dinner while the layers of primer dry, or taking a shower while ideas sink in.” While Sophie mentions that “there’s no excuse to not keep on painting when your canvas is right there”. However, being constantly surrounded by their own paintings could be seen as a double edged sword, as Sophie states, “they become fused to certain moments in time, both good and bad, you can’t escape them even if you want to. But they’re also a comfort for me, they keep priorities present, even when life becomes difficult.”

All photography by Delilah Olson © DATEAGLE ART 2018

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