How not being precious about the space she works in encourages the development of the artist’s practice.


It all begins with paper and paint for Sif Nørskov. The London based artist is conscious of her being more productive when there are a lot of works, sketches, and tubes of paint lying around her studio space, “I guess it is because it then doesn’t feel as though I am starting from scratch every time I come here” she remarks. As many young artists are interested in exploring digital mediums, some artists are returning to the medium of painting. This is the case with Sif Nørskov, who has naturally transitioned from the digital medium of photography to a traditional one, finding painting in fact more challenging and diverse, given that with this medium, she is forced to make something ‘from scratch’. It has taken her a few years to shape her practice, but her own language has now become fast and intuitive. We meet her in her studio after walking around several elongated corridors at Thames Side Studios, close by to Greenwich, London. Here, she keeps herself interested in the medium of painting in between long intervals of letting these works rest.

All photography by Delilah Olson © DATEAGLE ART 2018

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