Plants, plexiglass and sunsets.


In accordance with the borderless-ness examined in her work, artist Sara Naim makes no distinction between home and studio. With a gorgeous sunny beam coming through the windows in the living room, her Dubai flat is a peaceful oasis of luscious plants, cut-out plexiglass and dreamy artworks. Besides her daily coffee, meditation and yoga routine, each tireless bolts-screwing session is concluded with a beloved stare at the Arabic sunsets. A time for contemplation she holds dear to her heart. The artist also finds comfort in a structured nine to five schedule, with occasional bursts of inspiration during the odd times of the day. Benefitting from the peculiar creative mood of the nighttime, as opposed to the morning and afternoon one, is one of the many perks of working from home. Dust is a recurring problem for Sara, with plexiglass sheets gathering plenty of it, nonstop. Still, her setting is well organised, blending nicely with the house’s decor so as to feel like everything belongs to the same place. Large-sized white spheres, pointy cones and curvy objects can be found all around, right into the shower box. Having her work sitting here and there is only a plus as it reinforces the importance it has in Sara’s own life. Apart from the favourite podcasts accompanying her throughout the laborious hours, a vast table and a selection of tools cannot be missed in her ideal environment. If she could only choose two pieces of furniture to live with, Sara confesses it would be a candle and a tree.

All photography by Martin Mayorga © DATEAGLE ART 2021

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