Exploring the artist’s home and historically inspired work.


Just a ten-minute walk from the Natural History Museum, you can tumble across the home and studio of artist Samuel de Gunzburg, in West London. For Samuel, history is essential to his work. While the contemporary significance of historical vases inspires him, there is one element that’s at the core of his work and life: music. While at the centre of his ground floor studio lays a set of ‘uncomfortable paintings’, in essence, the paintings that have gone wrong and therefore the artist storages to eventually re-work, this area is packed with all sets of bits and bobs that the artist uses in his daily process: wax, a mirror, paints in all sizes and forms, a plinth, a projector, and hand made textured paper, amongst others. Upstairs, however, tucked into a room, I was able to visit the artist’s music studio, with a variety pianos and synthesisers, where the artist works on pop/electronic tracks. Inspired by the merging of a nostalgic and uplifting feeling, the artist shared his musical pieces as well as his artworks with me at his studio, where the mood is undeniably negative and positive at the same time.

All photography by Delilah Olson © DATEAGLE ART 2018

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