A space to mess around with objects in front of a mirror.


Artist Rosie Gibbens has filled her studio with an eclectic mix of objects, which is not surprising given that she’s been there for four years. Underwear, shoes, gloves, tights and power tools that make up much of her performative practice, occupy the space. Rosie admits that she mainly uses her studio for computer work at the moment, since she is going through the long process of applications. However, when this isn’t the case, the artist mentions that she dresses up in these garments and uses the tools to create new actions and interactions for her performance art, documenting those that she likes in lists. Within her studio, the artist also tends to draw, sew and create storyboards, this being, of course, when she’s not gossiping and eating falafel wraps with her friend Elisa, who also shares the space with her. I was surprised to discover a metal medical trolley, but Rosie explains to me that it serves two functions, one being that it’s useful for performances, and the second being that it makes for a great table on which to eat lunch. When the artist is in need of inspiration, this is when the studio’s location is ideal, since she can walk to B&Q or the mall in Wandsworth to browse the aisles in search of ideas. Perhaps it won’t be long until Rosie is able to skate to the stores, since she enjoys attempting to skateboard within the studio space, often drinking tea and listening to podcasts.

All photography by Martin Mayorga © DATEAGLE ART 2019

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