Following the form of a fragmented identity.


Walking into a space occupied with segments of posters, outfits and packaging, I realised that artist Rosa Johan Uddoh’s studio, located at the Sarabande Foundation has taken on the fragmented identity one can discover in her artworks. In this way, the space can be described as intimate, from the signed and framed photo of David Suchet as Hercule Poirot, to the bag of sugar that hangs by a ribbon. In fact, as if to add to this disjunction, or possible intersection, of ideas, the surrounding studios are filled with jewellers, fashion designers and other artists, creating a hub of creativity. Uddoh reveals to me that she’s enjoying the new sense of organisation in her own studio space, with freshly hung plywood shelves recently installed. Research appears to play a key role in Uddoh’s day-to-day method of working, as books dominate these new shelves and a computer is situated in the centre of her desk, surrounded by ideas in the form of small paintings and scurried notes. Perhaps the most striking object in the room, however, is the emerald silk dress that progressively envelops the wall as it spreads towards the floor. Crinkled and with a razor-edge, this reminds me of a theatrical curtain, ready to show us what brings together the surrounding snatched memories. As the artist perches beneath this shroud, we discover the true epicentre of the space, with Uddoh’s history, thoughts and influences coming together in a mood board that forms her personal and artistic identity, this being one that she also makes us feel part of.

All photography by Martin Mayorga © DATEAGLE ART 2019

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