Perturbing kinetic textures.

This is a MIX that truly permeates the vulnerability of complex mind-scapes. Dance and visual artist OK Norris digs deep with this playlist cushioning out a hollow, best fit for a dose of intense introspection and soul searching.


OK calls these their “electrical probes”; a reference to neurologist Duchenne de Boulogne who studied muscles producing facial expressions. Like de Boulogne, the tracks trigger contractions, imploring distortion. In the first piece ‘Void’, an enchantress summons crescendos of occult proportions with whispery ASMR. Suddenly we’re floating through the currents of what sounds like a sexual climax. Or perhaps we’re at an OK performance, participating in the spasmodic contortions that tell the story of what it means to be socialised as a woman. Julia Holter’s sonically beguiling cover of ‘Hello Stranger’ arrives to blanket us in a cosmic gaze but still we perch on the precipice of an unpalatable sense of uneasiness, imitating the artists own arresting demonstrations. Awoken by electro futurism, dizzy rap and schoolgirl chants, we’re reminded of her preference for contradictions. Confrontation versus sensitivity, authentic versus drama. Their rhapsody of movement captured in bouncing beats and mysterious melodies alike. Most arresting though is ‘Godmother’. An electronic track sputtered by an AI baby that we can’t seem to shake off. 


By the end, we too are struggling to articulate fragments of our own understanding. Having traversed the gulf between sensation and emotion we now feel. Fully. Thanks to OK. 



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