Making the most out of his studio.


Artist Nick Jeffrey has always squeezed out the potential of his Berlin-based studio space, but it wasn’t until he started hosting ideal uh-huh, a periodical exhibition where he showcased the work of emerging and established artists in his studio, that he realised the capacity of collaborative projects. Since then, the artist has used his working space in a variety of formats, spanning almost all disciplines through physical and digital interventions. And yet, despite this refreshing approach, Jeffrey has temporarily paused the project – about to host it digitally only, given the lack of current studio space, due to the high level of storage his works demand. “The first difference in Berlin after coming from London was the extent of space and openness both physically and mentally pulsing through the city.”, he remarks. However, today the artist notices the complete change of the city, to the point of re-considering continuing working in this location. Nevertheless, Jeffrey is continuing his mission of exploring the site— the artist recently observed how the music he listened to whilst working at the studio went beyond being something to listen to in the background, and has recently become a medium to work from. A magical place of transformation, creation, or combination, the artist shares with us how “a friend, Alex Bacon, once described the studio as an alchemical site, and that is a perfect summary of the current studio for me.”

All photography by Delilah Olson © DATEAGLE ART 2018

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