A sundial studio.



Upon exiting and negotiating your way around the busy chaos of Brixton station, a calm sanctuary of creativity is the exact antidote needed. Situated on the first floor of the late Lambeth housing office on Brixton Road, is the studio of Spanish born, London-based artist, Natalia Gonzalez Martin. At the entrance of the space, a salon hang embellishes the narrowed corridor showcasing an assortment of various sized panels, in different stages of their development. The works displayed in this manner reference the chronological curation of the National Portrait Gallery and is suggestive of the art historical lineage that informs Martin’s practice. When considering the work in relation to the setting, connections of mind-mapping and storyboarding come to the surface. Working with panels in size variations of A4, it is as if the artist’s notebook has been dissected and memorialised into the setting of her studio. Sharing the studio with peer and close friend, Nina Silverberg, the space is divided in half with a sofa crossing as a bridge into both sections. This suggests an exchange of dialogue between both artists is a frequent and valued affair. Warm air circulates in abundance and natural light pours through the large Crittal windows lining the walls; although not integral to the production of the work, these sensory elements do have their functionality. Warmth aids the drying process and light becomes the sole indicator of time. With a studio environment so serene, it is any wonder that such tender quiet paintings are birthed here?

All photography by Vanessa Murrell © DATEAGLE ART 2022

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