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Arriving with style, clad in a monochrome cycling outfit, South East London-based multidisciplinary artist, Motoko Ishibashi welcomes us to her West End studio. Through layers of acrylic paint, ‘cybernetic’ levels of eroticism, and soft brushstrokes, Ishibashi guides our gaze through her visual dialogue which is heavily informed by her digitised interactions. Unapologetic images of the human form greet visitors; instruments of creation flank finished and unfinished paintings alike. Cohorts of aerosol cans standby adjacent to a bottle of gesso, implying the birth of a composition. There are splattered shades of paint on the studio’s wall, indicating unconfined energy within. The artist’s neon green yoga mat is reminiscent of these colourful spray paint marks; it rests on the floor between her toolbox and a painting inspired by manga, one of the artist’s earliest influences. The subject of the painting is a woman; our gaze is impeded by blinds that obscure her form, contrasting a close-up snapshot with the voyeuristic view we are given by Ishibashi. Elsewhere, duct tape, paint brushes and white spirit grace us with their presence. Like parishioners at an altar, canvas stretchers congregate around the window’s rim, connecting Ishibashi’s intimate conclave to the bustling street below with its cardinal red double-decker buses, incandescent Georgian townhouses, and a steady stream of pedestrians.

All photography by Martin Mayorga © DATEAGLE ART 2022

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