Inside Morgan’s studio, where colour and composition configure disfiguring forms.


“Enormous and fantastically lit”, artist Morgan Wills describes his studio at Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, where he has been working during a three months residency programme. While the substantial space contains interesting items in abundance – be that tools such as an airbrush or an easel, sketches, plinths, boxes of posters, or a hoover- this luminous space is very much populated -not only with objects, but also with ambiguous figurative forms, staring to us from different directions. In fact, Morgan’s practice is very much concerned in addressing bodily parts, and exploring the human figure within a variety of perspectives, dimensions, depths, and techniques. By disfiguring bodily parts to make them reminiscent of objects or things, Morgan blurs the boundaries between figuration and still life. His works carefully sit in a provided blank wall, serving as a way to visualise his upcoming solo show at Unit 1 Gallery. “There is enough wall space that I have left one empty, just to hang things on. That is a real privilege. There is also a room to leave multiple things in progress, space for drawing, working on the sculptures and then painting, all in the same area, nothing on top of each other“. Ceramics are decomposed and very much occupy full tables, and additional canvases in different scales rest upon the walls. Each item lies within a particular place, and all works arranged carefully on the floor and walls are in constant dialogue with each other. “I think this has resulted in a slower more respectful pace of work”. For the last 3 months, intimate small-scale figures along with abstracted representations of human forms have emerged here.

All photography by Delilah Olson © DATEAGLE ART 2017

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