There’s no real distinctions between life and work at Michael Pybus’ studio.


Hackney Wick is home to the densest art’s hub in London’s east end, and it’s here that you’ll find a cluster of excessively pop-like 90’s cartoons and globally recognised symbols by artist Michael Pybus, who moved into his live/work unit ten years ago, and describes spending practically his entire life in his pyjamas, working at home. “I love the accessibility of having my studio right here 24/7, as I like to get straight to work as soon as I get an idea or the urge.” He says. The artist’s approach ranges from paintings, writings, collages to sculptures. He always has multiple things going on, and schedules these tasks with no real routine, finding himself working all through the night, and sleeping most of the day. Here, he wakes ups, sleeps, and works every day as and when he feels like, regardless of the time. The fantasy of an artists life is partying, socialising, and splashing a bit of paint about, but the reality is basically a heavy and intense workload, a shit tonne of administration and travel.” He remarks. The past few years, since his career has picked up, the artist has taken big steps to improve his diet and now swims everyday to try and ensure his body moves, as painting is not the best cardio. Rumours say this is the only time that Michael actually leaves the house, along with going to Westfield (which is next door to his studio), or to travel a few 1000 miles for an exhibition, which the artist admits being true. I met up with Michael in his Pikachu splattered T-Shirt and Cookie monster Pyjama pants, to talk about that sweet spot between conscious knowledge and experience, as it moves into territory beyond logic and vocabulary.

All photography by Martin Mayorga © DATEAGLE ART 2019

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