Down the rabbit hole into the parody of working between luxury and precariousness.


Artist Marria Pratts object-maze studio could not be more truthful to herself. Based in the outskirts of Barcelona, in L’Hospitalet, she transformed what used to be an industrial warehouse into the greatest visual representation of her head. Both living and working in her studio, Marria has turned this mechanical place into a cozy, delicate, and magical hut composed of wood, stiff paper, and polyurethane foam. Her precarious house, which stands inside the studio, was constructed by her friend and designer Guillermo Santomá out of recycled cardboard from the surrounding factories and includes a wood stove, a bathtub, and a mattress. There is a hole in the wall that leads to a different section of the space, operating as a portal, challenging perceptions of the normative. Following the punk, underground and DIY aesthetics of her work, one is as likely to discover a magical rainbow gateway as a ghostly character with spiral eyes, sitting on top of a ball giving away sunflowers. Fantastical absurdities of the every day are to be found everywhere: a mandarine sculpture stack, boxes of olives and walls full of drawings that conquer the space. Everything is ready to be used and every corner provides with the ultimate stimuli to start an artwork. Hoarded objects lie around until their moment comes, in which the artist, instinctively, decides if they can finally become part of her work. It is this randomness that mirrors the way that she understands beauty and life. Everything is and can have multiple uses. This chaos, where she claims to be in mental peacefulness, becomes a shout for liberation and the reevaluation of a system that makes us lose our magic.

All photography by Martin Mayorga © DATEAGLE ART 2018

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