Discovering artist Lindsey Mendick inside-and-out through extravagance and the everyday object.


Artist Lindsey Mendick’s studio at PlazaPlaza is an eclectic cavern of expression and collection. I visited the artist twice, once just after she had finished her ‘Proudick’ exhibition, and now after her trip to Mexico. Before, she was dressed in black and desperately in need of some time away to collect her thoughts and self. Now, the real Lindsey is back, wearing floral patterns, earrings of grapes and an infectious smile. Objects, from gas canisters to decorated fans, cover all surfaces in a way that seems at once both totally chaotic and intricately organised. But to Lindsey, this is organisation. The objects are her and she is her studio. Her thoughts, in paint, clay and even miniature furniture form, scatter around the space, opening us up to every crevice of her mind. I get to understand Lindsey as an artist and as an individual in this setting, with post-it notes confessing her unspoken words strewn across benches next to a bottle of tomato ketchup. I marvel at her turquoise-blue hair that matches the runs of colour down her creations, demonstrating how the artworks are true reflections of her mind and form, from message to input. Lindsey’s quirks reveal themselves throughout the studio, and I can’t help but admire her clear love of blue biros as I spot almost twenty of them poking out from fired tubes of clay. At one point, Lindsey can’t find her handbag, and after searching everywhere, she comments on how the studio sucks everything in. Looking around and casting my eye over daring shoes, loved and used books, a pot of marmite and a bowl of ceramic fruit, I can’t help but agree.

All photography by Martin Mayorga © DATEAGLE ART 2019

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