A peaceful place filled with paints and plants.



Located in North West London, the domestic studio of Kora Moya Rojo is a luminous haven of calm and warmth. In this empty modern apartment, paint tubes, lush plants and jars full of brushes infuse the space with color and energy. It is meticulously organized, with the lounge devoted to works in progress, the hallway containing recently completed series, and the bedroom housing earlier paintings that the artist keeps aside to avoid forced cohesions. She believes that if she arranged finalized and progress pieces nearby, she would unconsciously compare the two and interfere with the final outcome. In the same way Moya-Rojo’s studio is planned, so is her creative process. She begins digitally sketching as a first draft at home, then replicates the colors and compositions with paints in her workspace, utilizing the natural light that streams in. Her morning usually begins with a cup of tea, projecting her visual references on the TV, and getting her acrylics and oils prepared on the mixing palette. This routine creates the right atmosphere for the alien landscapes, aquatic creatures and fruit depictions to emerge on the canvas, which are hung on the wall with a protective cloth to maintain the cleanliness that distinguishes the environment. Moya-Rojo explains that listening to a comedic podcast such as the Spanish “Nadie Sabe Nada” helps her set the tone and keep the creative juices flowing.

All photography by Vanessa Murrell © DATEAGLE ART 2022

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