A Spring That Never Ends. 



Entering artist John Booth’s studio, a cosy space enclosed by the rounded curvatures of its brick ceiling and surrounded by other creatives he admires – it is nothing short of a labour of love. It isn’t surprising that Booth has chosen this quaint Hackney corner as the birthplace of his pieces considering how important domestic places are to him; from his teenage chamber to his colorful 2-bedroom apartment with hints of Milano Memphis’ furniture. Everything is coated with a stroke of rich pigment, from the tangerine shelving units that hold hundreds of hardcover books to the row of picturesque ceramic flowers and mugs dotted around. Each drawing, material and palette tester has a meticulously designated area in which is kept gleefully neat, contrasting the fantastically fearless quality of Booth’s craft. Inside, you might be inclined to hear an array of pop idols (think Robyn, Ariana Grande and Charli XCX) or those belonging to the alternative genre (such as PJ Harvey, Joni Mitchell and Psychic TV). Having resided here for over four years and counting has allowed relationships with studio mates to flourish. One of which is ceramicist Ian McIntyre, frequent collaborator and co-founder of the project Super Group. Dedicated to growing his design emporium, one can see how Booth arrives here early each morning and leaves at night, regardless of the weekend. 

All photography by Martin Mayorga © DATEAGLE ART 2021

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