An Ever-Evolving Atelier. 



Half-workshop/half-studio, British artist Jamie Fitzpatrick’s space at Bow Arts yields an ever evolving landscape. It is a cosy, solitary space holding his large-scale clay sculptures in progress as they interrupt and disrupt the walkway. Pots, chutes and printed images of classic romance novels are strewn across the ceiling and walls, lending itself to the appearance of a laboratory. Whilst the elongated space could be quaintly described as “phenomenally cramped” in the artist’s own words, its liveliness is conducive to Jamie’s lateral thinking. Each facet of the room represents his diverse projects: by the window sits foiled maquettes, followed by his more refined sculptures situated fittingly on plinths, film photographs of various London monuments obfuscated by heavy etchings of oil stick taped onto pieces of wood. These are all iterations of his long-term commitment to criticising British hierarchy and historicism. Overhead lays the storage of past works that may be thrown away or having its “best bits” reused for future work. Currently preparing for the birth of his first child, Jamie is inundated with birthing books but recommends ‘The History of White People’ by Neil Irvin Painter as essential reading. You may find Anna Meredith’s ‘Nautilus’ playing in the background here as he ploughs through rendering 3D sequences on his laptop for a film. 

All photography by Martin Mayorga © DATEAGLE ART 2021

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