Hetty reveals her state of mind from her workplace.


On the second floor of a desolated building in Borough, London, you’ll find Hetty Douglas’s studio, where she creates lively works that unveil her state of mind. “Well you can only make work as big as your space allows you to. If I had more space, I’d probably make larger scale work, I don’t know, maybe I wouldn’t?”. Contradictory statements are essential to understand the artist’s practice. Delicately girlish, yet very robust at the same time, Hetty works largely with the medium of painting, and uses contrasting elements forged in her works, such as subdued pastel colours alongside sturdy materials such as cement. Inspired by life -from playing hangman with her girlfriend, to having been through pleasant and unpleasant experiences- Hetty’s works appear innocent, however sometimes camouflages sexual connotations. Amongst paint, graffiti sprays, found stickers, alphabet lettered sculptures, and bathroom cleaning utensils inhabit her working space. Hetty creates emotionally heavy works from layering her her canvases with coats of colour. Very much inspired in graffiti’s sprayed on top of walls, the artist is able to add new meanings on top of meanings left behind, placing “a permanent mark in the path” along her panting process. The artist took some time out of her schedule to speak with us about how and why her painting method has developed to entirely “not expose”.

All photography by Delilah Olson © DATEAGLE ART 2017

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