Commanding identity in tropical recreation.

Vast in scale, tropical in colour, artist Goia Mujalli’s paintings uncloak influences from far beyond the walls of her London-based studio. A case crammed with tonally organised paints as well as an assortment of books dominate part of the space, and with this it is revealed to me that Mujalli doesn’t need to go any further to reach the warm culture of Brazil, as she carries it with her in the form of literature, imagery and her own experiences. For the artist, the studio is a solitary space where she can hone her practice and explore ideas without the pressure of others witnessing what she isn’t always willing to share. The middle area of the space is empty as the artist usually works flatly, both on tables and on the floor itself. When initiating this painting process, sometimes she starts by cleaning or moving around the space, as she feels the need to be moving in order to activate the thought of painting. In this way, she can fully immerse herself in her canvases, just like how they do to the studio space itself. I notice this in the puddles of dried colour that pool about the concrete floor like lagoons, giving themselves to the tropics of the space entirely.

All photography by Martin Mayorga © DATEAGLE ART 2019

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