A look inside Gabriela’s studio, where her process comes alive through scratching and scraping.


In the centre of London’s literary capital lies the Slade School of Fine Art, where artist Gabriela Giroletti produces her works. A crowded space divided by ‘zones’ has its ‘pros and its ‘cons’. For Girolettu, it is good to be around people, to have a laugh, to talk about their work, and to feel part of a community, but the constant transit in the studio can also have an impact on her level of concentration. “Most times everyone is minding their own business. Sometimes, when everyone is in, it can be difficult to actually paint. Someone will always come to have a chat, so as a result your chain of thought and the entire flow of the painting is interrupted quite often on busy days.” She mentions. Scraping tools, scratching instruments, knives, hard and soft brushes, natural pigments, and wood blocks are the tools of the London-based Brazilian artist. We visited her studio and while we took a look around, the artist informed us about her painting process, and how limiting her colour palette has allowed the form to have some space in the painting.

All photography by Carla Benzing © DATEAGLE ART 2017

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