From a boxed up garage to a bright studio.


Primarily working at SET, a charity-run organisation located in Dalston, London, Florence Sweeney develops her practice and offers a moment of community contribution by running a Supper Club for the studio members once a month, where they can socialise and make connections. Her studio space used to be a Pentecostal church with a two-tier stage, which the artist has turned the corner into a sofa platform. “We recycled a lot of the previous life of the building features into our own spaces. I’ve dedicated this area to be a reading/writing area, as I think its important to give space to allow yourself to reflect, be with your work, see it in the space, and take notes.” The artist mentions. Yet prior to working in this large floor space, Sweeney was boxed up at her grandparents garage, which she recalls very limiting, yet enriching at the same time.


All photography by Delilah Olson © DATEAGLE ART 2018

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