Reading though a painting with Felix Treadwell.


Whether it’s an indication by the moon, trees, or a bulk of mushrooms, one can tell when Felix Treadwell’s characters are in danger. The artist uses close ups in the form of comic grids from different perspectives to trigger dialogue—from top to bottom or left to right, his practice is very much involved in reading a painting, and aims to impulse the viewers to go through the stories at any point of the painting, no matter it’s linear narrative. Much of Felix’s interests can be pinned to developments in his background. In fact, he studied a year in Japan, where he discovered Japanese painters and manga artists. At RCA’s studios, Felix keeps much of his work out at once while making new ones: I guess it helps me refer back to the imagery and world, and help it progress in the right way” he mentions. To learn more about Felix’s practice, we toured around his studio space and talked substantially about his current projects.

All photography by Delilah Olson © DATEAGLE ART 2018

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