A stock market creative hub.



Artist Fabio Lattanzi Antinori’s London Fields studio is a dusty library for geometric patterns and digital algorithms. A nest for infinite numbers and record graphs of all sorts where the artist is keeping track of every stock market move… A physical representation of the common saying: “keep friends close and enemies closer”. This way, one can get to know the craft and its use of language, and in such an intimate perspective, it can easily be questioned. Fabio takes advantage of these conflicting methods by exposing them in a physical form: the sensored sculptures combined with sound come to life, most of the time, in large scale dimensions. These are previously made in meticulously planned scale models, this is the case for a recent Royal Society of Sculptors public commission with geo-localised LED keywords reflecting the market manipulation methods that urge the public to consume. The models take up most of the space, which also has a big storage composed of electrical materials and bubble wrapped packaged objects. Some older artworks are displayed like the perfume scented sculpture that Fabio recalls smelling “like an old woman from Venice” and two black and red disks holding data. Blue prints and small scale designs are scattered around, giving us clues for the next big strategy. It seems like Antinori is unconsciously mimicking the economist attitude by having an office space like a studio, a research center to plot against itself.

All photography by Martin Mayorga © DATEAGLE ART 2019

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