A soft and delicate space, evocative of therapeutic environments.


The playful nature of artist Eva Fàbregas’ work flows within her calm studio. The delicate hues of pale pink, baby blue and sage green of her drawings emphasise how this is a place for relaxation. No wonder it is so tranquil here, when her work explores notions of wellness, ASMR, and the consumer objects used in therapeutic and prosthetic treatments. The space feels airy and soft, homely and curious: countless books line shelves accompanied by plants in assorted pots, interspersed by small ornaments and knickknacks, including a pair of ceramic garden gnomes peeking out from the pot of a Yucca. Personal effects like these seem fitting when considering the tactile memory that her work draws upon. Her materials include styrofoam, silicone, spandex, sensory balls: soft, stretchy and sensuous to engage with the sculptures’ therapeutic nature. A sense of relaxation is ever present. Drawings are positioned next to sculptures; sculptures placed next to plants, their winding forms entwined with the spiky leaves. On a desk sits four neatly organised pots containing pens, pencils and paintbrushes, next to some minuscule objects with curving shapes. These sit closely by a Singer sewing machine, prepared for use with a pale lime green thread. Even the assorted swatches of fabrics hanging from bulldog clips seem considered, accompanied by two tactile sculptures of lilac and teal. This attentive organisation breathes life into the works as they feed off one another, inspiring and creating narratives through their repeating shapes and colours. There is a continuous mimicry throughout the space of the familiar forms: snakelike, winding, bodily; soft and smooth with fuzzy and undefined edges. 

All photography by Martin Mayorga © DATEAGLE ART 2018

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