The perks of having a studio in one’s home.


Charlotte Edey’s studio is divided between the ‘upstairs’ and the ‘downstairs’. The upper room, which is Edey’s own bedroom, is the artist’s creative spot. Looking over the gardens, this room consists of a desk, chair, and books which serve as referential for her own practice – a place where she focuses her attention on drawing. On the contrary, the ground floor living room functions as an office, where the logistical aspects of being a freelance artist and illustrator are resolved – paperwork, storing, framing, packing, shipping, amongst other ‘business’ elements. “It’s the admin of being a working artist that I find most stressful, and it’s really nice to have that separated from the work itself.” Indeed, being this Edey’s own home, she mostly spends her time peacefully and indoors, and as such, her process comes about as a rather solitary one. In this environment, the artist shares with us that with her latest commercial work there’s so much communication and intervention that for her own work, she really values the time to create undisturbed, specially considering that for four years she had lived and worked in bedrooms across different flats, and it was a pretty manic circumstance to work effectively.

All photography by Delilah Olson © DATEAGLE ART 2018

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