Inside the British artist’s studio, where habits become rituals.


Annie Attridge has mastered the art of working with the ornamental medium of porcelain. We made the trip out to her studio in Hackney Wick, where she produces her playfully seductive works. She walked us through the process of her porcelain figures; from wet and sloppy, passing through a leather state, until reaching a dry phase in which the artist nurtures into the medium to remove it’s cracks, describing this sensitive material as having “memory”. In her studio, we were stuck by the performative element linked to her process, often involved in praying to the Kiln Gods and goddess when making sculpture; only drinking red herbal tea when painting; and standing on wood when making her text-based works- in which Annie describes that “these are simple pleasures that tend calm the mind”.

All photography by Delilah Olson © DATEAGLE ART 2018

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