Meet the artist who understands her work more when she’s not in her studio.


Amanda Kyritsopoulou’s works traverse many themes and forms—from experimenting with video and audio to crafting large-scale sculptures, essentially exploring the possibilities of mediums. We met with the artist at her space in the Royal Academy Schools, where she usually tosses and move things around and maybe pins some sketches on the wall. Surprisingly when entering, it seemed as there were no works in it, and the artist affirms that this fleeting state is because she is slow in her processes “and everything is constantly in progress and p-regress.” Most of the times, her studio is just the place to work things out, but Amanda feels like she understands her work more when she’s not in it. “Is this worrying? If it wasn’t for sculpture, I would like to be able to make-work from anywhere”


All photography by Delilah Olson © DATEAGLE ART 2018

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