A peek inside the domestic environment of artist Bea Bonafini.


As I enter Bea Bonafini’s studio located on a rooftop by London Fields, I wonder if I’ve accidentally arrived somewhere I’m not supposed to be. The elongated grass terrace in which the artist works allows for her to upscale the size of her carpets, and it is no surprise that the setting of her studio directly influences not only her works’ scale, but also her colour compositions. Through working in this tree house environment, the tonalities of blues, greens, and greys that occupy the space feed into her recent works, and in particular, into her carpet and drawings, both which will be shown in an upcoming exhibition at Zabludowicz Invites. Protected from the cold weather, the surrounding glass windows make visible the panoramic views of east London, and in this greenhouse of sorts, Bea’s works integrate themselves with the different shades of light and patterned reflections that come through. As a result, there is a feeling of comforting nature absorbing the environment of her studio, in which her work blends perfectly with her working space, and in fact, becomes an extension of it.

All photography by Carla Benzing © DATEAGLE ART 2017

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